Mind and Body Connection

Can the mind help cure disease? What role do the emotions play in preventing illness?

What is the relationship between the thoughts you think, the feelings you experience, and the overall health and well being of your body? This is a very old question, but modern science has developed some innovative new ways to determine the answers. And, while what they are finding may startle some people, it doesn’t surprise me a bit.

It turns out that improving the quality of your life lowers your chances of developing serious mental and physical illness and also improves the speed and likelihood of your recovery. And if you want to improve the quality of your life, you must start by improving the quality of your thinking.

You see, the quality of everything that happens to you in life – all your accomplishments, all your behaviors and activities, all your relationships – are rooted in and based on what goes on in your mind. Your beliefs and expectations determine what you try and don’t try, how hard you try, and whether you give up or ultimately succeed.

Your thoughts about who you are and what you are like determine those with whom you associate, what you take into your body and how you care for yourself and others. So if you are interested in improving your likelihood of living a long and healthy life, take a long and careful look at your belief system and spend some time examining your thoughts and values, as well.

If you don’t like what you see, remember, you can change it. I know you can do it.