Don’t Look For Cures, Look For Treatments

I was reading one of our books, The Inch Principle by our management specialist, John Condry. I came across a chapter that might be helpful to you in thinking about your business or anything in life for that matter.

I think you are probably like me and we look for solutions to problems and try to find a perfect or permanent fix for issues that arise in business. John suggest in Chapter 4 of his book to stop looking for solutions and start treating the condition. In other words, you can’t cure the disease or problems of being in business. You can only manage and treat the on-going symptoms.

If you stop looking for a magic bullet and start treating the symptoms of the problem, you won’t waste time and money on solutions and instead, you will make steady progress toward improvement of the situation.

For some reason the idea of Henry Ford came into my head and that analogy made sense. Ford said that if he asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse, not a car. Ford probably did find a magic potion to make people start wanting cars instead of horses. He probably worked hard on treating the symptoms like: they didn’t know it existed, they didn’t know what it did, and they didn’t know it was better. He probably started one at a time and built his business the same way we do now, through networking, sales, and hard work.

I really enjoyed John Condry’s book. If you want a copy, email me or click here.