40 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Internet Marketing

1. Are you happy with the current design of your site or would you like a new one?

2. Do you have a blog or a place where you can post regular updates yourself?

3. Is all the content and information accurate on your site?

4. Where is the website hosted?

5. Have you set up business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+?

6. How often do you update those and do you have them linked together?

7. How do you map listing look in Google, Yahoo & Bing? Are you happy with where they show up in the results and the information that is displayed?

8. How many reviews and recommendations are you getting on the maps and social media accounts? Are the 90% positive?

9. Who are your two biggest competitors online?

10. Do you come up higher or lower in the search results?

11. Who has more fans, followers, and reviews?

12. Is anyone doing pay-per-click ads?

13. Do you currently sell anything online in a shopping cart on your website?

14. Would you like to?

15. If you do, how is it working? Is there anything that you want to improve?

16. Does it calculate shipping and accept payment?

17. How tough is the competition for your best keywords?

18. Do you sell locally, city-wide or nation-wide?

19. How many competitors would you say there are in that area?

20. Are you coming up on the first page for the keywords you want?

21. How often do you post new information on your website?

22. If you had a way to do that, could you handle it in-house or would you need someone else to do it?

23. Do you have access to helpful information for your clients that they need to know?

24. How many total pages does your website have?

25. Did you know blogging allows you to quickly create a large and powerful site for the search engines?

26. Do you currently send any regular email blasts to your clients and prospects?

27. Would you like to stay in touch with them more?

28. How professional do those emails look?

29. How is the response? Do you get feedback or comments about them?

30. Do your pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ all look the same so people can recognize you?

31. Do you have a plan for how often you publish updates to social media?

32. Do those accounts give the impression you want your clients and prospects to have about you? Are you proud of them?

33. Are you currently doing any pay-per-click ads on Google, Bing, Facebook or LinkedIn?

34. How’s it going, or why not?

35. Would you be willing to pay for more traffic to your website?

36. How many visitors would you say that you get now on your website in a month?

37. Do you have Google Analytics installed to track your stats?

38. Have your visits been going up or have the plateaued or gone down this year?

39. Do you have a way to measure how many people actually buy from you from internet leads?

40. Is there anything else you have always wished you could do on the internet?

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